Photoblog 2023

December 31, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Observing this Bison male was a perfect way of ending the year!


December 15, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Today’s Bison Safari was pretty succesful as we saw at least 83 European Bisons in 5 herds.

December 11, 2023. Białystok city

It’s a good winter for Waxwings in NE Poland.

December 10, 2023. Białowieża Forest

A little bit of snow tracking in Białowieża Forest and here is the effect.

November 25, 2023. Siemianówka Reservoir

On dark, autumn days Black-throated Divers can be observed on inland waterbodies.

November 18, 2023. Białystok city

Middle-spotted Woodpecker seen from my apartment’s kitchen window in Białystok.

November 12, 2023. Suwałki lakeland

This Common Scotter was pretty untame, maybe due to its young age.

October 28, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Yet another normal day in Białowieża Forest.

October 24, 2023. Tatra Mountains

Impressive landscape of polish highest mountains.

October 23, 2023. Tatra Mountains

A female Brown Bear with ca.2 years old juvenile!

October 23, 2023. Tatra Mountains

I found a herd of twelve Tatra Chamois (endemic subspecies) on one of the slopes at 1900m a.s.l.

October 18, 2023. Hel Peninsula

Purple Sandpipers fighting with waves at Baltic Coast.

October 14, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Farewell with Cranes.

October 12, 2023. Białowieża Forest

… while Wolves become active again!

October 12, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Bisons are starting to form large herds for winter…

October 10, 2023. Narew river valley

Cranes at self-found roosting site – only 7km from where I live!

September 25, 2023. Siemianówka Reservoir

Sanderling is a rare visitor to Podlasie region – here on the reservoir’s dam.

September 21, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Looks like a very good autumn for Nutcrackers in NE Poland.

September 20, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Red Deer rut is in a full swing!

September 11, 2023. Hajnówka fields

Doterrel is a rare plover that migrates through Poland in late August & early September.

September 1, 2023. Knyszyn fishponds

A synchronized flight of two immature Black Storks.

August 29, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Autumn is another peak of activity of Hazel Grouses.

August 27, 2023. Białowieża Forest

A little fight of two males White-backed Woodpeckers.

August 23, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Bison herd amongst morning mists.

July 30, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Lesser-spotted Eagles are intensively feeding juveniles at that time of year.

July 17, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Looks like some of the Bison males are already starting to join female herds & the rut is about to start.

June 16, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

A stunning male Citrine Wagtail.

June 15, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Pygmy Owls are usually tame in the breeding season.

June 14, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Woodland Browns have already emerged.

June 5, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Early June is the best time of year to photograph Three-toed Woodpeckers.

June 3, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Aquatic Warbler from private photograpy tour.

May 25, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Beaver on Spring Tour #2.

May 23, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Wolf (there were two individuals) on Spring Tour #2.

May 15, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Black Stork on Spring Tour #1. Probably the prettiest picture of this species I’ve ever made.

May 14, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Bisons on Spring Tour #1.

May 13, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Tengmalm’s Owl on Spring Tour #1.

May 10, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

May’s birding in NE Poland are usually enriched by the loud singing of Thrush Nightingale.

April 28, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

A curious Elk male.

April 23, 2023. Siemianówka Reservoir

Greater Spotted Eagle gave us amazing views during Early Spring Tour #2.

April 21, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Most of Black Woodpeckers are incubating eggs now.

April 17, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Hoopoes are back.

April 8, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Elks start to move from the wintering grounds in the conifer forests to the wetlands where fresh greenery appears now.

April 4, 2023. Białowieża Forest

I’m watching you!

April 3, 2023. Białowieża Forest

We bumped into a wolf today.

March 27, 2023. Białystok city

Syrian Woodpecker on Early Spring 2023 Tour.

March 25, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Pygmy Owl on Early Spring 2023 Tour.

March 21, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Seems like it might be a good year for Tengmalm’s Owls in Białowieża Forest.

March 20, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Pygmy Owl on phototour.

March 18, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

White-fronted Geese migration is about to peak soon.

March 9, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Pygmy Owls are already pairing up. In the last few days I’ve even seen birds visiting the tree holes.

March 6, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Super fresh Lynx footprint.

March 2, 2023. Białowieża Forest

Early spring came to NE Poland’s woodlands!

February 25, 2023. Białowieża Forest

They say: bad weather is a wolf weather. And this proved to be true today in Białowieża Forest – four (!) encounters with a group of 3 wolves within two hours.

February 22, 2023. Biebrza Marshes

Whooper Swans on early spring river floodings.

February 5, 2023. Białystok city

A long-unseen Syrian Woodpecker – species that used to breed in Białystok city in the number of 5-10 pairs is becoming rare now.

January 25, 2023. Białowieża Forest.

Rarely you can encounter such an unshy herd of Bisons (especially with a yearling!).

January 19, 2023. Knyszyn Forest.

The largest aspens I’ve probably seen…

January 14, 2023. Białystok city.

Scaup – a rare winter visitor in NE Poland.

January 9, 2023. Białowieża Forest.

On that day I had numerous encounters with European Bisons.

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