Photoblog 2020

December 20, 2020. Narew river valley.

Grey Partridge benefits from climate change that cause mildening of winters.

December 14, 2020. Białowieża Forest.

It’s much easier to spot mammals in dark-and-white winter landscape.

December 2, 2020. Białowieża Forest.

Long-tailed Tit – probably the cutest bird in the world!

December 1, 2020. Białowieża Forest.

First snow this winter – doesn’t it look magical?

November 26, 2020. Białowieża Forest.

I can see you!

November 19, 2020. Hajnówka area.

Podlasie – a place where wildlife and culture meet.

November 8, 2020. Dojlidy Fishponds.

A piercing silence of autumnal reedbeds is occasionally broken by soft calls of Bearded Tits.

November 2, 2020. Białystok.

Northern species like these Redpolls- Arctic and Common – arrive to NE Poland within first cold days.

October 25, 2020. Knyszyn Forest.

A lack of fresh plants forces European Bisons to leave woodlands.

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