Bison safari in Białowieża Forest

Price and number of participants

Price is 900 PLN for the trip per group.

Number of participants: 1-9.


Excellent experience with Oliwier.

Excellent experience with Oliwier. His skill in tracking the bison was apparent. He smelled the bison (I did too), found footprints, then a bedding area, followed by fresh dung (which he waved his hand over to determine it was fairly fresh) and then a large, mature male European bison that was grazing in a nearby field. My family, with two young girls, has stayed back after no luck at a first site as it was quite early. Oliwier ran back to get them and drove them to near the second site so they could see the bison as well. We were able to watch him for about 15 minutes before he wandered into the forest for the day. Oliwier´s knowledge of the species, their behavior and seasonal movements was apparent and surely a factor in the success of our outing. It was especially moving for me to see a live, wild European bison. I work in Paleolithic art and seeing alive specimen of the same animal painted on the ceiling of Altamira cave 14,000 years ago was a real thrill for me. I plan to write a short story about the experience as it was very moving. Thank you Oliwier!

Charles S.

We went with Oliwier on

We went with Oliwier on a trip to find some bison and do some birdwatching in Bialowieza. During our walk towards the spot where we would look for the bison we also happened upon a pygmy owl! At the spot we found a complete herd of bison. We were very lucky. Two males even started fighting. Afterwards we also found the three toed woodpecker and several other bird species. All in all, a great trip!

Steven Raaijmakers

Oliwier is a great guide!We

Oliwier is a great guide!
We carried out the 1-day bison excursion in May 2022.
Oliwier is a lovely guy that has a lot of knowledge of the area and the local fauna. If you are curious enough, you can chat about anything for hours and never get bored.
The excursion is mostly carried out in a safari way, but there are also a few nice walks and the possibility to have a nice picnic.
We had an epic encounter with a heard of bisons at dawn that I will probably remember my whole life. We also managed to see many other local animals like elk, deers, swans, eagles, etc.
We also visited the villages of the Land of Open Shutters.
I strongly recommend to do this excursion, you won’t regret it!

Riccardo Cattaneo
May 2022

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