I did three-day-tour in the Biebrza National Park with Oliwier in the middle of May. Oliwier showed me super beautiful landscapes and he knew exactly where to see which birds. I enyojed it a lot and it would be cool to come again and visit the primeval forests with the bisons!

Theres Meili
May 2022

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oliwier as a guide. We had a very enjoyable couple of days with him despite poor weather. He has an excellent command of English, a good sense of humour, punctual and polite and a thorough knowledge of sites and their wildlife.

Neil Donaghy
May 2022
United Kingdom

Very good knowledge.I only had

Very good knowledge.

I only had one an half day for birding in East Poland, and a very limited „wish list” of some specialties that I had still to find… I contacted Oliwier and with a very short time of response he organized the tour and also gave me some tips to find some birds by myself in my way to meet him.

Once together, he proved himself as a very knowledgeable guide, and very friendly! We succeeded in finding all the birds we needed, and even some more which we enjoyed beautiful views of.

I would with no doubt recommend Oliwier as a very experience guide for any visit to East Poland!

I had a really good time with him.
June, 2022

Carlos Grande Flores
June 2022
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

Oliwier is a great guide!We

Oliwier is a great guide!
We carried out the 1-day bison excursion in May 2022.
Oliwier is a lovely guy that has a lot of knowledge of the area and the local fauna. If you are curious enough, you can chat about anything for hours and never get bored.
The excursion is mostly carried out in a safari way, but there are also a few nice walks and the possibility to have a nice picnic.
We had an epic encounter with a heard of bisons at dawn that I will probably remember my whole life. We also managed to see many other local animals like elk, deers, swans, eagles, etc.
We also visited the villages of the Land of Open Shutters.
I strongly recommend to do this excursion, you won’t regret it!

Riccardo Cattaneo
May 2022

Super recommended! We went on

Super recommended! We went on an amazing 5 day journey with Oliwier. Even with covid, some bad weather and the state of emergency with the border Oliwier new exactly what to do and where we can watch wildlife. He has an outstanding knowledge of every corner in Podlaskie and never gives up on finding the most rare birds (he also knows where the best food is!).

Oliwier was very kind to change our schedule at the last minute so our trip won’t be affected by bad weather. With his guidance we found bisons, elks, red deers, roe deers, beavers, otters, rare woodpeckers, cool waders and beautiful raptors. He has a lot of patience and he is very knowledgeable about wildlife, ecology, geography and history.

We definitely recommend him as a guide, we had some wonderful time!

Uri & Jonathan
September 2021

Oliwier is great! We spent

Oliwier is great! We spent a few days with him in July 2021, and had a phenomenal time.

We love both birds and mammals. July isn’t supposed to be a good month for wildlife in Bialowieza and Biebrza, but you wouldn’t have known it based on what we saw. Oliwier found us a TON of species. We saw European Bison, Elk, Marten, and Beaver. We saw Golden Oriole, White-Backed Woodpecker (and all the other woodpeckers), Aquatic Warbler, Greater and Lesser Spotted Eagles, Tawny Owl, and Great Snipe, among lots of other amazing species.

Oliwier is a joy to be around. He’s so enthusiastic, knowledgable, and accommodating.

Thank you Oliwier for a great experience!

Kelly Siderio
July 2021
United States

Oliwier does a great job

Oliwier does a great job finding and showing everything was Bialowieza forest and Biebrza marshes have to offer. We contacted Oli on a very short-term-note in October 2021 and he organized an amazing trip just for the two of us. There were many highlights,like roaring deer stag in the autumn forest, a wolf howling in the night (answering Oli), spotting Bisons on frozen grassland at sunrise, spotting beavers at night, visiting the oldest trees of the park and much more. We also enjoyed learning a lot about our neighbour-country Poland via talking to Oli. We feel really close now – as good neighbours!

Silke & Ingo
October 2021

We went with Oliwier on

We went with Oliwier on a trip to find some bison and do some birdwatching in Bialowieza. During our walk towards the spot where we would look for the bison we also happened upon a pygmy owl! At the spot we found a complete herd of bison. We were very lucky. Two males even started fighting. Afterwards we also found the three toed woodpecker and several other bird species. All in all, a great trip!

Steven Raaijmakers
The Netherlands

We spend two half days

We spend two half days and 1 whole day with Olivier in the fields of Biebrza and Bialowieza.

Even though it wasn’t the best time of the year for birdwatching, Oliwier managed to show us the local special bird species in various beautiful places that these nature reserves are rich in. We also had unforgettable encounters with a male Elk and several European Bisons. We would never have found all those animals without him (certainly not in the summer).

We enjoyed his very pleasant company and vast knowledge of the local nature. If we would return in another season, we would certainly approach Oliwier again for this. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to do the same.

Many thanks Olivier!

Thierry & Nynke
July 2021
The Netherlands

Oliwier and I worked together

Oliwier and I worked together earlier this month on a nine day tour in northern Poland concentrating on the Bialowieza Forest, Biebrza Marshes and the Baltic coast. Oli is a hard working, professional guide with a natural attitude to guiding and with enhanced people skills. He is an excellent organiser, a good listener and his local knowledge of the area and the key people within it provides the best possible platform for quality wildlife watching. Oli’s field skills originate from his extensive time out in his beloved Polish landscape; it’s unusual to find someone so young with such an excellent knowledge of the range of calls and songs associated with often very reclusive birdlife. I would thoroughly recommend that this young man is the guide to book should you be looking for any bird or mammal in north Poland!

I’ve been in NE Poland

I’ve been in NE Poland with Oliwier not only once but two times, on personal tours.
Oli is a great guide, his birding skills are some of the best I’ve seen. We had fantastic times looking for birds in Bialowieza and Bierza, in a true adventurous ways.
I highly recommend Oliwier as a nature guide, no matter if you are just looking for a good time, or a hardcore birder looking for the difficult specialities.
Great guide, in a gorgeous environment

Luis Baia
March & June 2015

Having thoroughly enjoyed an autumn

Having thoroughly enjoyed an autumn tour with Oliwier visiting Biebrza Marshes and Białowieża Forest I had no hesitation returning for another tour with him, with a different group in spring. These are great places to view wildlife and with Oliwier as our guide we got to see and appreciate a wonderful selection. We certainly made the most of our time with the benefit of his local knowledge and experience of where and when to go looking. Also his exceptional ability to pick out bird calls and impressive spotting skills enabled him to quickly locate and show all of us much we would otherwise have missed. I feel privileged to have had Oliwier as our guide in Poland and it is a pleasure to recommend his services to others considering a visit.

David Jarema
September 2017 & May 2019

Oliwier was our local guide

Oliwier was our local guide for a trip to the marshes and the Bialowieza forest. The weather was not great but Oli worked very hard to find all the species that my group wanted to see – with great success, patience and good humour.

I would not hesitate in recommending him – well done Oli!

Keith Buchanan, May 2019, England

Keith Buchanan
May 2019
United Kingdom

Oliwier has been an awesome

Oliwier has been an awesome guide. He knows Biebrza National Park inside out. Thanks to Oliwier, we spotted more birds in 3 days than we ever could have imagined and our 4th day in Knyszyn Forest was also remarkable.

Oliwier’s knowledge of birds, mammals, plants and the eco-system in general is outstanding.

A great guide for a fascinating environment!

Mado & Georges Weissgerber-Sigel
April 2019

We have travelled to many

We have travelled to many places around the world birdwatching and have been with some excellent guides. Oliwier falls into this category as he made our trip to Poland a very enjoyable experience. We saw everything we wanted to thanks to his knowledge of the area, the birds and their calls. For anyone planning a birdwatching trip to Poland, you couldn’t do better than to use Oliwier.

Barry & Christine Hancock
May 2018

I’ve been Birding for over

I’ve been Birding for over 30 yrs and this was my first ever Birding trip overseas and with the RSBP North Bucks group to Poland ?? it was in its self the most enjoyable Birding experience ever but with Oliwiers bird and location knowledge he really made it an exceptional trip experience. I’ll never forget the Black Woodpecker, Pygmy Owl and Bison, Beavers to name a few. To have that much bird knowledge for one so young is just nothing but amazing,
Oli is just an exceptional guide – so thank you for your leadership with an easy going nature & it was fun too.

Paul Woodham
May 2018

Oli took my family to

Oli took my family to a unique trekking experience across the ancient forest of Puszcza Bialowieska. My little ones are keen explorers and ended up absolutely mesmerised by stories Oli told and things he showed us. Oli’s familiarity with the forest is somehow mystique, it feels he is one of the forest, speaking its native languages.
Oli woke up curiosity and sparked willingness to spend more time in the woods; he showed us wild animal habitats, trees and plants.
We were lucky to bump into a Bison, Elk, beavers, Pygmy Owl and much more.
We would highly recommend Oli’s excursions into the wonderful forests of Poland and cant wait for our next time out there with Oli.

Gerardo & Agata Rossini
July 2018

I have been on many

I have been on many wildlife tours with Naturetrek and Ace Cultural Tours and I was on the recent Ace tour with Oliwier in north-east Poland. We had a ‚top-quality’ week, seeing many nesting and rare birds as well as other wildlife. He knows the area in great detail. We were all very impressed with how well he guided us, beginners and experts alike. His research and skills enabled us to see and learn about many of the common and rare animals in open areas, marshland, rivers and dense forest.

Christopher Spry
21/05/2019 - 27/05/2019
United Kingdom

I have worked with Oliwier

I have worked with Oliwier every year since he started guiding and found him to be a very knowledgeable and courteous local guide. He quickly understands the needs of his clients and tailors their trip for the best results. His knowledge of local wildlife, birds and calls is excellent and I’d thoroughly recommend him

Peter Dunn

I am a leader of

I am a leader of the Naturetrek tours to Poland in Autumn who has worked with Oliwier several times. He is dynamic, very enthusiastic, and good fun to be with. He certainly knows the birds and is especially good on calls and songs. His local knowledge of the best places to visit has played a large part in the success of our trips.

Rob Murray

I organised RSPB North Bucks

I organised RSPB North Bucks Group’s trip to Poland. From the start, I wanted Oli to be our guide and was very pleased when that was eventually confirmed. I would expect any tour guide to know the bird id and calls so, for us, his local knowledge was key as was his connections. He found us birds that we would never have found on our own and his ability in finding pigmy owl and black woodpecker within minutes of each other was, for most, a highlight of the tour.
Ili Is an exceptional guide and a very nice guy. (When you see him, don’t forget to mention his favourite soccer team, Jagiellonia!)

Paul Tucker
May 2018

I have had the opportunity

I have had the opportunity to go on both summer and winter expeditions with Oli, looking for various forms of wildlife. Our main target species were Bison, Owls (Pygmy and Tawny), Woodpeckers and wild boar.

Oli successfully located all of the above and more. His enthusiasm and passion, coinciding with his exceptional local knowledge made my expeditions a truly unforgettable experience!

His ability to hear, spot and identify birds is truly amazing! I recommend his services very highly to all wildlife enthusiasts!

Bob Hazell
2015 Dec and 2017 Aug

Oliwier was the local guide

Oliwier was the local guide for the spring Naturetrek trip to Poland which I took part in. His identification skills, both visual and aural are excellent and helped us find several birds we would otherwise have missed – notably Ortolan Bunting at a site which looked very unpromising from the road! As well as being a talented ornithologist, he’s a thoroughly nice guy – I’d recommend him strongly if you’re birding in Poland.

Giles Pepler
May 2017

Oli joined myself and a

Oli joined myself and a few friends as part of an independent trip in May 2015 where he helped us to target some of the trickier species. He is a very competent field observer with sharp eyes and a good ear, as well as being a good travelling companion. If you’re planning a trip to Poland, you really must get in touch – Oliwier’s skills will undoubtedly assist with clinching some of the more difficult species.

Daniel Watson
May 2015

Oliwier was our guide on

Oliwier was our guide on the North Bucks RSPB trip organised by Nature Trek. Oliwier was a brilliant guide. His local knowledge of habitats and birds was exceptional. Often guiding us to a single tree in the midst of the forest to find a woodpeckers nest. His personality and humour made him an ideal leader for this kind of group activity. Always happy to answer questions and his ability to identify birds in flight or by their call made the trip both informative and fun.

Barry and Catherine Ratcliffe
May 2018
United Kingdom

Oli’s incredible! He uncovers whole

Oli’s incredible! He uncovers whole the essence of Biebrza Basin, Białowieża and Puszcza Knyszyńska. Rare woodpeckers, threatened warblers, pygmy owls – what’s mystery to others, is bread & butter for Oli. None simulates eagle owl like him! Thanks for guiding and see you next year!

April 2018

Fue una suerte y un

Fue una suerte y un placer tener a Oliwier como guia local el año pasado en Polonia; no sólo por su profesionalidad y extenso conocimiento de las aves del lugar, que era nuestro principal objetivo, sino tambien por su simpatía y entusiasmo, gracias al cual conseguimos ver al ansiado bisonte europeo.
Maria de la Sierra

Maria de la Sierra Gonzalvo López
Julio 2017
Huelva (España)

Oliwier was the co-leader for

Oliwier was the co-leader for Naturetrek’s Poland in Spring tour in May 2017. From the start when we met in Warsaw we find him to be an extremely knowledgable, skilful and enthusiastic guide. He worked very well with his co-leader and helped us with any local knowledge we would need. My own personal highlight was when he took some of the group out at dawn and helped us get views of a Corncrake – something we weren’t expecting. It was an absolute pleasure to be guided by him, and I can strongly recommend him to anybody needing a wildlife guide in Poland.

Phil Aylen
May 2017

I was part of Reading

I was part of Reading RSPB Local Groups’, NatureTrek trip to Poland, and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Olivier’s ability to identify the various birds not only by sight but also their contact calls was very impressive. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip and Olivier managed the 12 or so of us with ease by himself.

Carl Feltham
Sept 2018
United Kingdom


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