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  • Are you thinking of exploring the wildlife of Poland?

    Are you looking for a guide who will lead you through the vast Biebrza Marshes and the primeval Białowieża Forest in search of birds and large mammals?

  • Are you thinking of exploring the wildlife of Poland?

  • Are you thinking of exploring the wildlife of Poland?

Then you are in the right place!

Hi, my name is Oliwier Myka. I come from Białystok, a city located exactly between two top European spots for nature lovers- Biebrza Marshes and Białowieża Forest. Maybe that’s why I became a naturalist!

Since the age of thirteen I have been birding and exploring this North Eastern region of Poland.

Over the years, I have taken part in ornithological surveys of several species in the Białowieża Forest studying the biology of Pygmy Owl and rare woodpeckers. I have done similar work on the Biebrza Marshes researching the populations of Curlews, Great Snipes and other meadow-breeding waders. I am also an active member of Polish Society for Bird Protection (PTOP).

In 2015 I decided to make use of my field experience and to become a wildlife guide. Besides my independent career I regularly work as a local guide for Naturetrek– a leading UK nature holiday company. Companies such as WildWings, Birding Ecotours, Spainbirds, ACE Cultural Tours or WildPoland have also used my services and experience. I am also a licensed Biebrza National Park guide.

Personally, I have a Master’s degree in biology, I am a fan of football (and regularly support my local team called Jagiellonia), love cartography and Podlasie.

Welcome Wildlife Enthusiast! I would like to invite you to visit NE Poland in early spring 2023. No crowds, awakening of the nature and pristine wildlife. My favorite time of year. Maybe it will become also yours?

If you are a group of at least two then don’t hesitate and book a private 4-day tour!

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