When: 7 days in late May 2023

Where: Białowieża Forest & Biebrza Marshes

Who: Joy & Martin from Scotland

Type of the tour: Late Spring Tour

Highlights: 7 sp. of woodpeckers (White-backed, Black, Middle-spotted, Lesser spotted, Wryneck), Nutcracker, Pygmy Owl, Great Snipe, Whiskered, Black & White-winged Tern, Black Stork, Lesser & Greater Spotted Eagles, Honey Buzzard, Penduline Tit, warblers (Aquatic, Savi’s, Grasshopper, River, Barred, Wood, Icterine, Marsh), Red breasted & Collared Flycatcher, Ortolan Bunting, Bee-eater, Tawny Pipit, Turtle Dove, Red-necked Grebe, Corn Crake, Citrine Wagtail, Thrush Nightingale, Bluethroat + Wolf, Beaver, Bison, Elk.

Joy & Martin from Isle of Skye joined me during Late Spring Tour and had a wonderful week full of wildlife. Many birdwatchers has been coming to Poland for woodpeckers but Martin suprisingly has seen all of them in Estonia so we had other birds to look for – warblers mostly.
On the evening excursion in Białowieża Forest we also had 2 wolves!