When: 5 days in mid May 2023

Where: Białowieża Forest & Biebrza Marshes

Who: Euan & James from Scotland, Ian from South Africa

Type of the tour: Spring Tour

Highlights: a total of ca. 140 species recorded – incl. 7 sp. of woodpeckers (White-backed, Grey-headed, Black, Middle-spotted, Lesser spotted), Hazel Grouse, Nutcracker, Pygmy Owl, Tengmalm’s Owl, Nightjar, Great Snipe, Whiskered, Black & White-winged Tern, Black Stork, Lesser & Greater Spotted Eagles, Penduline Tit, Aquatic & Savi’s Warbler, Collared Flycatcher, Ortolan Bunting + Bison, Elk.

During the tour with Euan, James & Ian we had impressive number of ca. 140 species recorded during 5 days. I will never forget a moment when we arrived to Białowieża on Day 1 and we just had a little time left before sunset but we gave it a go and headed to the forest. I decided to visit Tengmalm’s Owl nesting site and then after seeing the owl in the next 5 mins we had a group of 6 Nutcrackers & a beautiful male Black Woodpecker flying close by! All 3 species were lifers for most of the group – amazing moment.