When: 5 days in late April 2023

Where: Białowieża Forest

Who: Nick, Lindsey & Ady from UK

Type of the tour: Spring Tour

Highlights: 9 sp. of woodpeckers (Three-toed, White-backed, Grey-headed, Middle-spotted, Black, Wryneck), Pygmy Owl, Lesser & Greater Spotted Eagles, Collared Flycatcher, Wood & Savi’s Warbler, Spotted Crake (heard only), Penduline Tit, Whiskered & Black Tern + Wolves pack howling, Bison, Elk.

We spent 4 nights in Białowieża Forest looking for local birds and mammals with a group of friends – Lindsey, Ady & Nick. We had quality birding seeing all of the forest woodpeckers as well as Pygmy Owl. On Siemianówka Reservoir Greater Spotted Eagle flew closer than we could imagine while in the evening Elk was visiting meadows just behind our accomodation. We also had amazing experience of hearing a wolf pack howling at dawn on one of our morning excursions.