Autumn is just around the corner…

But there is nothing to worry about, because an amazing time of year is coming! Picturesque foggy mornings, colorful foliage and humid forest full of diversiform funghis as well as sounds of rutting stags. That’s how „golden polish autumn” (fifth of polish six seasons) looks like.

Owls have became active in the last days. Recently at dusk in Białowieża Forest I had at least 3 Pygmy Owls calling from their autumnal territories. When the darkness fell Tawny Owls started to being vocal as well as stags of Red Deer which announced that their annual rutting show has begun

Let’s have a look on a few pictures taken mostly during last week Naturetrek’s tour I was guiding. Most of them are simple shots of a camera’s screen or smartphone photos through binoculars.